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Mat & Trening is a personal training center that promotes the value of a healthy and active lifestyle.

Mat & Trening was established to offer people a more personal and customized alternatives than other larger training centers. Here we are using different methods to help our customers to reach
their own goals.

We are working on improving the quality of life of each individual and wish to contribute to a lasting change of a lifestyle. We have created an
environment where training is fun and effective.
Here you will find a team who follows you in every step until you reach your goals.


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How we do it

Three steps that guarantee results

#1 consultation

Here we want to get to know you during our free consultation. This will allow us to adapt and to organize trainings as well as follow-ups according to your own goals. We will also propose different alternatives for you.

#2 Training Plan

Your personal trainer will develop a training plan based on your goals. We will work on the physical and nutritional part to be able to achieve the results.

#3 development

Your personal trainer will follow your entire
development, make necessary adjustments and motivate you in order to get the best training outcomes and to achieve your goals.

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