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Boxing for fitness in Stavanger with our instructor Caris!
Boxing for fitness is the ultimate full body workout. Correctly thrown punches use your legs, hips,
glutes, core, obliques, back, shoulders, chest and arms. Punching against resistance causes all of
these muscles to contract with more force and speed, developing further your strength and power.

Our training will include:

* High intensity interval training
* Learning basic boxing moves with correct technique
* Strength, core and stability

Benefits of boxing for fitness include:

* Making new friends and having fun
* Burn energy and gain fitness
* Increase muscle tone
* Improved Muscular Endurance
* Improved Core Stability
* Improved Strength and Power
* Stress Relief
* Improved Co-ordination and Body Awareness
* Improved Confidence and Self-Esteem

Place: Mat &Trening (Kirkegata 46, 4006 Stavanger)


  • 150kr 1 class
  • 1200kr 10 classes

Time: Every Tuesday 18.00-19.00

Boxing for fitness can be scaled to many different fitness levels and everyone is welcome to this class.
Note: we do however recommend that people with wrist, elbow or shoulder injury’s avoid this class.
Contact us for booking: info@mattrening.com or by phone number: 48612279