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Matias Maldonado
Personal Trainer

Trainings and proper nutrition have always been part of my life. I would like to share my training and nutrition experience with you so you can get healthier and more active lifestyle, as well as achieve your goals in an efficient and fun way. I enjoy working with people and I believe that in order to have a life full of energy and happiness
you have to combine trainings with a healthy and proper nutrition.
I have been working as personal trainer since 2007 and always been active in many types of sports as football, water polo, swimming, outdoor activities, cheerleading, strength and fitness trainings.

My diverse training background, education in nutrition and sports as well as experience as a lifeguard provided me with a plenty of ways to help you achieving your goals. I want to be a supporter and motivator towards a healthier and stronger lifestyle, be your advisor in terms of effectiveness and injury prevention and also, give you energy with smile and fun trainings.

Manuel Quero
Personal Trainer

I have come from Spain and lived in Norway for the last 6 years. Since young age I have always liked physical activities. Sport is my passion and I have decided to turn it into a lifestyle, which is my profession right now for the last 13 years. For the customers I am more than just a trainer. I am a coach, teacher and student at the same time. I am teaching, while gaining new knowledge and learn from my customers as well. I am also a friend and motivational partner who helps to encourage a new and healthy lifestyle changes, where trainings and right nutrition become a fun part of life.
Now I am a part of Mat &Trening team, so if you are interested in achieving your goals, do not hesitate to contact me. I would like to help you.


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