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Have you ever thought of learning some Latin dancing techniques and secrets??
We are excited to invite you to Salsa and Bachata courses for beginners in Mat&Trening!

We will have an experienced instructor Eliseo who is willing to share his knowledge with you. Courses will
consist of 5 lessons each and you will start from learning basic steps moving forward with more complicated
choreography and techniques.

Salsa course for beginners:

This course is suitable for people who have no previous knowledge of salsa dancing. It focuses on basic steps
and basic choreographic moves in pair dancing of Cuban salsa.

Bachata course for beginners:

In this course you will learn the basic steps of Dominican bachata and some beautiful choreographic moves.
You will learn to lead/follow to the beat of the music and timing.

SALSA course:
22nd January, 19.00 (5 lessons every Wednesday)
750nok for all course

BACHATA course:
24th January, 18.00 (5 lessons every Friday)
750nok for all course

For more info and bookings contact us: